From the sellers…

“What an incredible experience! Over the past couple months, Allyssa has designed beautiful eBlasts for a mare I had for sale. Finally, I listed the mare with Allyssa and she sold within two days! I could not be happier with my experience with iArabians; Allyssa exhibits the upmost professionalism and is wonderful to work with! Thank you Allyssa!” – Rebecca Shupek

“iArabians was very professional and helpful in selling my filly. I would highly reccomend their services to anyone looking to sell their Arabian or Half Arabian. The whole sales process was simplified and executed perfectly. Thanks!” – Jessica Szymanski Hoag, Paradise Farms

“Allyssa is a very knowledgeable horsewoman who takes pride in her work and is very fair and honest. She literally responds to messages in an exceedingly short amount of time and answers all questions. She made selling my mare easy and I would definitely use her again to market a horse.” – Jann Simens Hadsell

“Allyssa, I just had to first say thank you and to also let you know how much I appreciate you and your help with selling my horse! You had so much patience with me! Even when I bombarded you with texts and emails, you remained the consummate professional, and I appreciate it so very much!! Thank you for all you did. I would come back any time…and I just might in the near future!!” – Dianna Robinson

“Ally..thanks for another fine placement of our horse friends, 4 horses in 5 years! You are supremely professional, have great contacts and handle these ownership transitions so that they are totally stress free. Your concern for owner and purchaser is evident in your questions and concerns. I am beyond pleased with these incredible owners (extended family now) thanx so!” – Jerry Meade, Juniper Ridge Arabians

“I would give Allyssa Baird the highest recommendation to anybody looking to market an Arabian horse. I have not only bred to TW Bengali Bey three times while he was owned by Allyssa but she also marketed two of the babies to excellent homes. During both the breeding and marketing, Allyssa was always available, treated me professionally and went above and beyond expectations! Thank you Allyssa!!” – Kathleen Lagrutta, Valley Oak Arabians

“I would give Allyssa Baird the highest of recommendations to anyone looking to buy or market an Arabian horse. In a business fraught with deception and mismanagement, Allyssa leads the hand-few with the integrity of truly serving the client. From the purchase of my first Arabian, to the sale of my last one, I have found Allyssa to have the most in-depth list of contacts around the globe as well as locally. Additionally, she thinks outside of the box and is very creative in her endeavors to match a horse with a rider. Perhaps this is due to her broad based expertise in the Western, English and Hunter riding disciplines combined with her business collegiate education. Allyssa Baird is honest, hard working, intelligent, forthright, and a pure pleasure to work with. And the bottom line..It is indeed good to know that someone is truly doing their utmost for you when you are paying them for marketing service. In the Arabian horse world, she is THE best at marketing.” – Lisa Burkhardt

“Our Sincere Thanks go to Allyssa for marketing three horses from our breeding program. Laurie and I have been Breeding, Showing, Teaching and Judging Arabians for over 35 years. No one has done a better job of Training, Conditioning, Presenting and finding the right buyer for our horses! We always recommend them to both “Buyers” and “Sellers” because they actually do what they say they will do!!!” – Ken and Laurie West, West Arabians

“We would like to thank Allyssa for her help in marketing several of our horses. It is great to have everything all “in one package”…..they do the photos, video and marketing and all at a very affordable price. Their enthusiasm is contagious…we wish them well in the coming years.” – Carl & Pat Hendershot, Trade Winds Arabians

“I had the good sense to follow a dear friends recommendation to use I Arabians and Allyssa Baird to sell my beautiful show horse. Allyssa had my horse sold in less than a month to a great home. The transaction went very smoothly and with a great deal of professionalism and excellent communication with prompt responses to my questions. I would highly recommend Allyssa and iArabians. If you want results use iArabians! You will be pleased with the service provided.” – Lori Kite

“Allyssa has done a wonderful job marketing several horses for me. She has worked very hard to find the right buyer for each of my horses and offered the best in marketing services. She is honest and her excitement is contageous.” – Pam Donnelly, Desert Flower Arabians

“Allyssa Baird has a fresh and unique approach to marketing the Arabian Horse. She provided me with a wonderful outlet as a breeder and an owner to sell my sale horses to wonderful homes in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Mistikal Marketing Centre (now iArabians) to any Arabian breeder or owner.” – Katie Burr, Burrline LLC

“Look to iArabians for adding that new Arabian horse to your family or marketing the Arabian horse you already own!” – Melissa Feather, Feather Arabians “Great marketing company!” – MorningView Arabians


From the buyers…

“We bought a two year old gelding , Ariya Encore +++// from Allyssa in late 2011…and, wow, what a purchase!  Multiple U.S. National Championships, Scottsdale and SSS Championships,  along with countless  regional wins later, we are beyond thrilled.  Allyssa is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable … she knows the Arabian horse &  the Arabian horse industry extremely well…and, on top of that, she was a true pleasure to do business with.” – Katie Russell

“Allyssa Baird and iArabians made my dreams come true! As a dressage rider who loves Arabians, I wanted something very specific and took my time searching for the perfect partner. It was a difficult search that took almost a year. I first came across iArabians months ago when I saw a DreamHorse ad for an Arabian mare. Although that horse sold, Allyssa really stood out to me. She was extremely prompt, thorough and friendly in her replies – I could tell right away she cares about the horses she markets and making the right match. We kept in touch and when I found Errostotle CF, I knew the wait was worth it. Allyssa really was a joy to deal with and made the steps in the buying process very easy. Errostotle CF is an absolutely wonderful horse and we are going to have an amazing life together. I would give Allyssa my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a professional, smart and dedicated agent to buy or market an Arabian horse.”Larra Paolilli

“Dear Allyssa, You are so cool and sweet, and I’m so happy everything worked out with safari! I’m so excited about starting to show again with my new horse! Thank you for everything! I truly believe our partnership with blossom!”CeCe Burnett

“I just want to say that I have had an absolutely wonderful experience with IArabians/MMC. Allyssa is determined to find a horse that will fit your exact needs and, may I say, she is very successful at doing so. I would not want to work with any other marketing company because she is dedicated and will work with what fits to your needs. I found my new horse, STLA Prince Challming, through MMC and I am so happy with him I cannot even describe it. The horse community needs more trainers and marketers like you, so thank you for everything you have done and keep doing what you’re doing!” Laura Yelavich

“Thank you so much for your helping me find my forever horse. The process was very easy, no hassle or pressure; a low stress experience. Allyssa was so helpful and prompt when I had questions and when I wanted to meet Xena she provided contact information & the rest was up to me. I contacted the sellers and it was easy to schedule a time to meet Xena. The sellers were honest, caring and thoughtful. They even delivered Xena to me! This was an amazing experience and I am truly in love with Xena. We have worked together every day since she was delivered & has adjusted well to her new home. Thanks everyone!!”Jane Luhr

“Allyssa is… Amazing, Buying a horse from her has been packed with excitment, and fun. I have purchased multiple horses from her, And every experience has been a great one. Allyssa makes you feel included in everything she does. I Highly recommend purchasing a horse through her.”Shane Nathan

“A million thanks to Allyssa Baird for her tireless pursuit of the perfect new show gelding for our daughter Kaila. Her guidance and support throughout the entire purchase was invaluable and RO Atlantis+// was delivered just in time to be wrapped in a bow as the most special Christmas gift a little girl could hope for. Allyssa has an amazing talent for pairing horse and rider, Kaila and Atlantis are best friends!” The Loera Family, Graceful Arabians

”Going through Mistikal Marketing Centre (now iArabians) was the easiest and best purchase I have ever made. I have assisted friends in going from barn to barn to barn trying to find the right horse, and finding ourselves consistently being disappointed with either the quality of the horse, how the horse was presented or how the seller portrayed themselves or the horse. Allyssa has made it one stop shopping, from the pictures, the video presentation, intital contact, down to picking up your horse after the sale. MMC have quality horses and when I am in the market for another horse they will be my first phone call without question. I can’t thank them enough for putting together the sale of “Hot Wasabi” (Lacey) I have been blessed with another “once in a life time horse”, and having them both as new friends as well.” – Stacy Andrews


“Dear Allyssa, I wanted to take a moment to write a review for you and your companies as I felt compelled to share my story with others in the horse community. Especially since I have you and your company to thank for my introduction and love for the Arabian breed.I’ve been working with iArabians and Mistikal Marketing Centre for years now and have nothing but pleasant and positive things to say! There is so much I would like to thank Allyssa Baird for but will focus on a few of the top reasons why I love this company and Allyssa.

I have a horse in training with Allyssa, Cowboy Casanova JR, a coming three year old who is being started. I have to say, Allyssa has such a way with the young ones, he is making incredible progress every time I speak with her and when I visit him the care is impeccable. Most importantly my horse is HAPPY really happy at her barn. He loves to work and loves Allyssa. That is the sign of a great trainer. I couldn’t be happier with his progress reports and the care he receives. Thanks Allyssa!

I bred to TW Bengali Bey, a stallion promoted by the MMC and iArabians and my breeding experience was phenomenal. I felt like I was part of a family and still do. Ben has delivered in every way imaginable and given me my dream horse. The experience was wonderful and I look forward to breeding to him again in the future. I now own two Bengali Bey horses with one for sale being marketed by iArabians and could not be happier with the professionalism and enthusiasm Allyssa has brought to his sale. I bought him in-utreo from Marashah Arabians, a sale procured by iArabians and the sale was smooth, honest and has worked out wonderfully. I wish I could keep Stargali (TW Bengali Bey X Starstruck DH), he is a rising star and I can’t wait to see him in the show ring one day! Thanks Ben and Allyssa for giving me yet again an amazing foal!!!

I look forward to the future with the MMC and iArabians with great enthusiasm and excitement. I can’t wait to work my way further into the Arabian world. I have the MMC, iArabians and Allyssa Baird to thank for her support and guidance in the introduction to the Arabian community. I look forward to the future with you and with my horse Beylie who will be a MMC trained horse!!

I can’t thank you enough but this is a start! Best of luck with your endeavors and keep doing what you’re doing, the horse community needs more trainers/marketers like you!” – Juliana Yeomans

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