In order to properly market your sale horse or stallion, you MUST have adequate photos and videos! We offer this service at a reasonable price whether we are editing your footage or taking footage ourselves to help get you one step closer to your goals of selling that horse, or selling breedings to that stallion. We also do sentimental projects if you just want a beautiful edited video of you and your special horse, as well as farm commercials.

Stallion Video. (equipment is now upgraded to HD)

Loose Sale Video.

Performance Sale Video.

Sale/Stallion Videos
$100 per horse for sale video taken and edited (vimeo link provided).
$250 for stallion video taken and edited (vimeo link provided).
$25/hour editing your footage. (vimeo link provided.)
Multiple-horse discounts.
Travel Fees also charged.


$50 per horse for photo session. $25 per digital file.
Travel Fees also charged.

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