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iArabians, LLC has invested, tested and launched perhaps the most effective and affordable method for selling the vast mainstream market of arabian horses. Its new marketing program has found the means to reach, entice and mentor hundreds of new buyers each month, most of which are new to Arabian horse ownership, or wish to upgrade their stock with the purchase of a new arabian horse. This unique and intelligent program is professionally managed from concept development to sales fruition, and administers the most complex and integrated marketing network ever developed for the recreational equine industry.

Specializing in Arabian horse marketing and sales, we understand the specific and intricate needs of both buyers and sellers. One prevailing truth is that regardless of the level of quality of the individual horse, its value and price is mostly dependent on the demand it commands in the marketplace. The element of demand can be significantly influenced through effective exposure to a broad and targeted marketplace. ‘Demand’ is what sets the price and attracts prospective buyers for the horse. The problem, however, is reaching a broad marketplace is expensive. And, spending precious advertising dollars on a ‘shotgun’ approach to creating demand is usually not consistent or cost effective.

iArabians has created a well-thought-out program that solves this problem. Currently reaching the closed circle of recycled buyers, we are Reinventing old marketing techniques to secure reaching NEW buyers through outreach programs using the exposure of the horses we list. We are prepared to handle all your marketing elements from strategizing a plan and budget, creating and producing effective advertising to producing and editing sales videos. This includes every necessary professional service to build the demand to sell multiple horses a year for you. Further, we will provide you with a professional sales associate that has experience with successfully selling mass amounts of horses for almost 10 years in the ups and downs of the recessive economy.

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