CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Simmons and family on their purchase of this adorable gelding YAHTZZEE! Heading back to Michigan where he was initially bred, we wish you the best of luck with your new show horse. Thank you to Kim Christy of Kim Christy Show Horses for your assistance in this sale. Sold for Amy Anderson Waddell. Cheers!


Excited to announce the sale of CASANOVA COWBOY DCA to Kylie Klein of New Mexico! This is a really special and sweet gelding and you will absolutely have an amazing career with him! Listed on IArabians LLC, sold for Jill Weinstein Kramer. Expertly trained by Tamera Burkman. Big congrats to all!

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Congratulations to the new owner of this awesome Champion Half-Arabian lesson/trail horse, WIZARD OF GHAZ! We are so excited for him to continue to be loved and at his forever home in Southern California with his new mom, Amy. Marketed in association with Brandon Jones of Jones Training Center.


In association with Kim Christy Show Horses, we announce the official sale of Scottsdale Champion, ECLIPSE AA to Patty Sparling Hayward! Sired by The Knights Reflection, out of an Allionce daughter, this hilarious Half-Arabian gelding is headed to Arizona to be under the guidance of Ali Brady. Expertly trained from a 2 year old to now by Kim Christy, it is always a pleasure working with you, Kim! Lots of prizes in your future with this sweet guy, Patty! Listed with and sold by IArabians LLC.


It is with excitement that I announce the sale of the EKS Alihandro Champion colt, DALLAS SBA, to a buyer in the Middle East! This showy colt was sold by IArabians LLC for Stella Bella Arabians (owner/breeder) with the assistance of Mr. Steve Heathcott. Congratulations to all!


Congratulations to the new owners in Northern California on their purchase of Reserve National Champion, LJR ACES WILD! This is such a nice, HUGE gelding that will continue to excel in several divisions under the guidance of Earthquake Arabians. Sold in association with Katherine Rich-Elzig Show Horses!


In association with KRE Show Horses, it is with excitement that we congratulate the new owners in Michigan on their purchase of the reigning Scottsdale Champion, BUGGATI LOE! Buggati will be under the guidance of trainer Alison Grosse! We know he will do lots more winning for you! Congrats! Sold on IArabians LLC for Christian Cullen.


Congratulations to Danielle Kiupers of Oregon on her purchase of our beloved *Padron daughter, OOH LAA LAA! The seller has owned this mare for several years and a special home was a must! We are so happy that she has found a forever home with Dani and her new oversized “twin” gelding best friend (pictured)! We are so excited for you to enjoy her and breed her (for a colored Half-Arabian


Congratulations to the new owner of this trotty Saddlebred mare, SHADOW HUNTER! She is headed to Texas! Best of luck with this game girl, we are excited to watch your future success! Shadow was sold by IArabians LLC in association with Jones Training Center / Brandon Jones! Sold for owner/breeder Shari Rainwater of Rainwater Farms! Cheers!


In association with Jones Training Center, we would like to congratulate the new owners in Minnesota on this beautiful Saddlebred mare, CROWN VALLEY’S OOH LA LA! We are excited for you to receive our sweet “La La” and enjoy her!

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