Congratulations to the new owner in San Antonio, Texas on their purchase of this adorable and promising gelding, MAMAGE A TROIS MA! Sired by Mamage, out of an Afire Bey V mare. This sweet guy is loaded with potential!! Best of luck!


Tis the season! It’s Christmas time, and lucky 10-year-old Sophia K Coll will be receiving this lovely Saddlebred mare, THEY CALLED HER LOLA, “under” her Christmas tree VERY soon! Sold for Shari Rainwater of Rainwater Farms in Fresno, CA. Headed to Texas and will be under the guidance of Nancy Rogers. Congrats!


Considering I do a lot of sales overseas, these buyers can only buy off of what you show them. They cannot fly out to see the horse for themselves to make their buying decision. Here are some recommendations and examples on how to close that International deal.

When it comes to taking an initial sales video, I recommend a video that is edited to music, with a title page and pedigree. Several clips of the horse trotting, stopping, standing and blowing. I also recommend that this be in 60% slow motion. In hand footage is nice, but not required, but a great loose video is what tends to get our overseas buyer’s attention.

Your sale video needs to be within the last 4 months TOPS. If your video is a year old, even if you feel the horse looks exactly the same, a newer video will be needed.

Once myself or whomever agent you’re working with, or maybe you’re working with a buyer directly, is interested off of your initial video, most likely, they will ask for a phone or “raw” video. This needs to be close enough for the buyer to see details of your horse and needs to be without music and preferably with the natural sound left in it. You can do slight edits if you have long bouts of cantering as it’s best not to include a lot of that as they want to see the horse trotting and blowing and playing.

Now, if you can, I also recommend giving your horse a face and ear clip. If you don’t know how, I can recommend someone in your area who can, or if you know an Arabian barn around you, they can probably help you! You cannot expect to get decent money for your horse if you aren’t willing to put in the effort to make your horse look it’s best.. Again, these buyers are buying SOLELY off of the photos and videos that are provided to them.

Here is an example of a GREAT video to send to overseas buyers. This stallion was not in training, but was at his owner’s home. He is in adequate weight and good shape. The owner had him clipped and had someone take a nice video of him. This video did sell this beautiful stallion overseas for good money.

Aside from video, I would highly recommend doing conformation shots. They can be stood up, but don’t have to. I would consider doing photos, as well as some video. The buyer needs to see all four sides, the head and the legs/feet. It would be a good time to take these on the day of the video since your horse will be clipped and ready for presentation. I have these asked for on overseas sales 90% of the time.

Here is another example of an adequate video that is completely unedited.

If you have any questions, please email me at

The success of your sales, domestically and internationally, help drive the Arabian horse market up.. and that’s good for everyone!


First off, what is being Breeder’s Sweepstakes nominated? It is a program that makes your horse eligible to win money in designated classes. Horses must be entered into this program in-utero for $400 before 12/31 of the year it is bred. If that deadline is not made, a late entree will be accepted up to 2/15 for an additional fee of $100. Horses are not allowed into the program after that date. The list of designated classes and 2016 payouts are HERE. The funds are given out in these classes at the Regional and National level only and are represented by a green neck ribbon.


However, in order to nominate your foal to this program, the sire of this foal (no matter what the breed) must be a Nominated Sire.. or your mare must be a Nominated mare, in which case, you can breed her to anything and the foal will be eligible. To see the fees to nominate your mare or stallion, click HERE. A list of Nominated Sires are available HERE. Keep in mind when you are making your breeding decisions to look for information stating “Sweepstakes Nominated Sire” or ask the stallion owner/manager!

Now, should you or should you not nominate? The answer is always YES! Even if you feel that your foal will never show to those levels or even show, if you intend to potentially sell your foal, you never know. Even if the buyer of your foal will never show to those levels or even show, they just want to know that they “can”. Nominating your foal DOES NOT hurt your chances of selling that baby down the line, but not nominating CAN. I have had buyers pass on MANY MANY MANY horses, NICE horses, that were not Sweepstakes Nominated. You can help the value of your foal and set it up for a successful future by enrolling it in this program.


Added benefits of shelling out that $400 on your in-utero foal, is if they go on to win ANY money, you automatically receive 10% of their winnings no matter who owns them, how old they are, etc. If they are in a designated Sweepstakes class and win any prize, you get 10% and you didn’t even pay training, entries, transportation, etc!

So, when you are breeding this year, make the plan to enter those foals into the Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes program. They even have a payment plan!

For more Q&A, view HERE. Interested in enrolling? Click HERE.

Photos above were borrowed from the Arabian Horse Association website.

Preparing to put your horse on the market is very important. Once it is on the market, people are immediately going to want additional information. Not having your information ready in a timely fashion is probably the NUMBER ONE killer of sales. Your buyer can go from HOT HOT HOT to freezing cold. I know that I like convenience, and I’m pretty sure so does everyone else.

No No.

Before you put your horse on the market, you NEED photos. RECENT photos.. Not photos from 5 years ago when it was a yearling. Photos that showcase what you are offering TODAY. The wonderful thing about Arabians is that we can often get very pretty photos and they are extremely appealing to buyers. A first impression is everything! A dirty horse with 2 inches of hair, standing in a field with it’s ears at 10 and 2 is not going to do your horse or you any favors. As a rule of thumb, I suggest a standing photo, head shot and trot (movement) shot. Find the best angles for your horse, and work to get the proper timing on your movement shot. More on taking photos later…

Yaaaaas Yaaaaas. Although these are “home” shots, obviously this is more appealing.

Next, you need a video.. possibly videos. Again a NEW video. A loose video if it is young or a breeding animal, and a riding video (or whatever skill you are marketing this horse as) to showcase what you’re saying it can do. I would highly suggest a loose video for a riding horse as well so that buyers may see it moving freely. If your horse is young and started in the long lines, or even just bitting, include that in your video. I have seen so many young horses advertised as “started in the long lines”, but I often can not seem to get a video of it showing what it knows how to do. Prepare to update this “started” horse’s video several times through the course of marketing it to show its progress and have more chances of finding that special buyer. That is something else that I often hear, “well, it’s better than the video now”. Sometimes I feel that they think that I magically know that it’s better and I should definitely trust their word. People need to see to believe, especially when looking at making a larger purchase such as that of buying a new horse! More on how to do a proper video soon…

The last subject I am going to touch on for preparing to market your horse is CONDITION and HANDLING. I don’t care if the horse is $1,000 or $100,000, your sale horse needs to have some kind of conditioning and some kind of handling. Aside from needing a horse to be of adequate weight, a horse with lack of handling is a liability to the new buyer. You do not want someone to come back because the horse hurt them (while horses are at their own risk), it is not smart to send a horse off that you can’t catch or touch or has some horrible bad habit that was never addressed. As a breeder or an owner, it is your responsibility to put a decent horse (while personalities do differ, especially Arabians can bond and trust easily if time is put into them) out into the world if you are selling it. If you are not capable of handling, then I would highly suggest hiring a professional. believe that this would help lower horses that end up in rescues.

So, here it is.. the beginning of how you are going to prepare to put your horse on the market.. Prepare, as in, not on the market yet. You feed, condition and handle your sale horse, get some shiny new photos and a new video.. and then you’ll be ready to put it out in the world to find that excited new owner…..


Welcome to iArabians! Somehow you’ve stumbled across this website looking for horses for sale or looking to sell your horses. Let me start with telling you a little about my equine marketing background with iArabians. Maybe you’ve already checked out the About page to see where and how my career started, but since starting my equine marketing companies, they have sold well over 500 horses all over the world. Horses that have sold in my in-house program, out of my client’s “backyards”, site unseen off of photos & videos and overseas (obviously also sold site unseen). I have many many returning customers, as well as people who start as sellers and return as buyers and vice versa. I pride myself in running an honest business and doing all that I can to market client horses in addition to finding other clients the horses of their dreams.

I am starting this weekly blog to cover various topics to help YOU market your horses. A couple topics that I plan on covering are several “How To’s”. In example: How to take photos of your sale horse. How to video your sale horse. How to increase your horse’s value. How to present your horse to a potential buyer. Importance of conditioning. Clipping your sale horse. Realistic market pricing evaluation. And many more!

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself some questions when it comes to selling your horses (Why hasn’t my horse sold? How do I make it more valuable? Do I have to put my horse in training? What programs should I nominate my horse for?), you get the idea. If you have a question or several that you are curious about or would like information on, please do not hesitate to contact me! Again, thank you for visiting iArabians.. Until next time!




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