Taking Halter Horse Videos for Overseas Buyers


Considering I do a lot of sales overseas, these buyers can only buy off of what you show them. They cannot fly out to see the horse for themselves to make their buying decision. Here are some recommendations and examples on how to close that International deal.

When it comes to taking an initial sales video, I recommend a video that is edited to music, with a title page and pedigree. Several clips of the horse trotting, stopping, standing and blowing. I also recommend that this be in 60% slow motion. In hand footage is nice, but not required, but a great loose video is what tends to get our overseas buyer’s attention.

Your sale video needs to be within the last 4 months TOPS. If your video is a year old, even if you feel the horse looks exactly the same, a newer video will be needed.

Once myself or whomever agent you’re working with, or maybe you’re working with a buyer directly, is interested off of your initial video, most likely, they will ask for a phone or “raw” video. This needs to be close enough for the buyer to see details of your horse and needs to be¬†without music and preferably with the natural sound left in it. You can do slight edits if you have long bouts of cantering as it’s best not to include a lot of that as they want to see the horse trotting and blowing and playing.

Now, if you can, I also recommend giving your horse a face and ear clip. If you don’t know how, I can recommend someone in your area who can, or if you know an Arabian barn around you, they can probably help you! You cannot expect to get decent money for your horse if you aren’t willing to put in the effort to make your horse look it’s best.. Again, these buyers are buying SOLELY off of the photos and videos that are provided to them.

Here is an example of a GREAT video to send to overseas buyers. This stallion was not in training, but was at his owner’s home. He is in adequate weight and good shape. The owner had him clipped and had someone take a nice video of him. This video did sell this beautiful stallion overseas for good money.

Aside from video, I would highly recommend doing conformation shots. They can be stood up, but don’t have to. I would consider doing photos, as well as some video. The buyer needs to see all four sides, the head and the legs/feet. It would be a good time to take these on the day of the video since your horse will be clipped and ready for presentation. I have these asked for on overseas sales 90% of the time.

Here is another example of an adequate video that is completely unedited.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@iArabians.com.

The success of your sales, domestically and internationally, help drive the Arabian horse market up.. and that’s good for everyone!

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