Breeders Sweepstakes: To Nominate or To Not


First off, what is being Breeder’s Sweepstakes nominated? It is a program that makes your horse eligible to win money in designated classes. Horses must be entered into this program in-utero for $400 before 12/31 of the year it is bred. If that deadline is not made, a late entree will be accepted up to 2/15 for an additional fee of $100. Horses are not allowed into the program after that date. The list of designated classes and 2016 payouts are HERE. The funds are given out in these classes at the Regional and National level only and are represented by a green neck ribbon.


However, in order to nominate your foal to this program, the sire of this foal (no matter what the breed) must be a Nominated Sire.. or your mare must be a Nominated mare, in which case, you can breed her to anything and the foal will be eligible. To see the fees to nominate your mare or stallion, click HERE. A list of Nominated Sires are available HERE. Keep in mind when you are making your breeding decisions to look for information stating “Sweepstakes Nominated Sire” or ask the stallion owner/manager!

Now, should you or should you not nominate? The answer is always YES! Even if you feel that your foal will never show to those levels or even show, if you intend to potentially sell your foal, you never know. Even if the buyer of your foal will never show to those levels or even show, they just want to know that they “can”. Nominating your foal DOES NOT hurt your chances of selling that baby down the line, but not nominating CAN. I have had buyers pass on MANY MANY MANY horses, NICE horses, that were not Sweepstakes Nominated. You can help the value of your foal and set it up for a successful future by enrolling it in this program.


Added benefits of shelling out that $400 on your in-utero foal, is if they go on to win ANY money, you automatically receive 10% of their winnings no matter who owns them, how old they are, etc. If they are in a designated Sweepstakes class and win any prize, you get 10% and you didn’t even pay training, entries, transportation, etc!

So, when you are breeding this year, make the plan to enter those foals into the Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes program. They even have a payment plan!

For more Q&A, view HERE. Interested in enrolling? Click HERE.

Photos above were borrowed from the Arabian Horse Association website.

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