Welcome to iArabians! Somehow you’ve stumbled across this website looking for horses for sale or looking to sell your horses. Let me start with telling you a little about my equine marketing background with iArabians. Maybe you’ve already checked out the About page to see where and how my career started, but since starting my equine marketing companies, they have sold well over 500 horses all over the world. Horses that have sold in my in-house program, out of my client’s “backyards”, site unseen off of photos & videos and overseas (obviously also sold site unseen). I have many many returning customers, as well as people who start as sellers and return as buyers and vice versa. I pride myself in running an honest business and doing all that I can to market client horses in addition to finding other clients the horses of their dreams.

I am starting this weekly blog to cover various topics to help YOU market your horses. A couple topics that I plan on covering are several “How To’s”. In example: How to take photos of your sale horse. How to video your sale horse. How to increase your horse’s value. How to present your horse to a potential buyer. Importance of conditioning. Clipping your sale horse. Realistic market pricing evaluation. And many more!

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself some questions when it comes to selling your horses (Why hasn’t my horse sold? How do I make it more valuable? Do I have to put my horse in training? What programs should I nominate my horse for?), you get the idea. If you have a question or several that you are curious about or would like information on, please do not hesitate to contact me! Again, thank you for visiting iArabians.. Until next time!

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